Several seasons ago on Project Runway, Nina Garcia told a contestant, with utter disgust, that her garment looked: “a little home-sewn.” I laughed out loud when I heard that.  On the show, the phrase has become one of the worst insults they can throw out.

Home-Sewn in this way has nothing to do with “hand-made” which would be something artisan and fancy. Home-Sewn means clearly not quite right.  Like maybe the buttons don’t exactly match up.

Once, my grandmother was comparing her sewing ability to that of her sisters.

“Their dresses were perfect.  You could wear them inside out, the seams were so well done,”  was her recollection.  For her own dresses, all she cared about was how they fit and how they looked.  So what if the fabric was totally bunched up inside?  As long as it looked good on the outside, that was all that counted.


The previous owners of this house were MAJOR home-sewers.  I’m still surprised I haven’t found duct-tape holding things together.

3 Responses to Home-Sewn

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  2. [...] I wasn’t 100% sure how to use it, so I put it off for a while.  When my fridge was delivered, I was in the middle of priming the kitchen cabinets.  When I tried to cajole both of the delivery men into staying to help me paint, one of them said that he was actually a painter by trade, and gave me a bit of advice.  He said that I should also caulk all of the gaps in the cabinets– little gaps between the cabinets and the ceiling, or even where two cabinets came together to make a nice, smooth, non-home-sewn appearance. [...]

  3. [...] person who lives in this house will undoubtedly look at these things and ask herself what in the home-sewn world is this?  They’re not exactly precise.  They are definitely level, and definitely [...]

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