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Oh, hello, blog.

So, I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks, and tomorrow I go back to work.  SAD!  I’ve spent the past several days being as lazy as possible to celebrate the last few bits of vacationry.  Unfortunately, part of that included forced laziness from a random bout with food poisoning.

I came down with food poisoning in the middle of the day.  Isn’t that strange?  I think every other time in my entire life that I’ve gotten sick, it has happened in the middle of the night, but on Wednesday, I woke up feeling fine, but got progressively more off as the day went on, moving first to the couch, then to my bed, and then to the bathroom to barf my guts out for a few hours.  Good times!

I’m fine now, happily, and feeling very thankful to be healthy.

Today I was out doing some yard work, and realized how out of shape some of my soil is.  I am too lazy to upload any photos here, aside from the one of Westerman, above, cleaning out his planters, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that some of my plants are particularly pathetic and scraggly.  Part of this may be due to the fact that my seedlings probably all had their baby roots damaged when my little greenhouse fell down, but for most of them, I am 99.9% sure that it is because the soil they are in is totally and completely depleted.

The glorious thing about Northern California (besides, um, everything) is that you can garden year round!  The hard part of Northern California is that you can garden year round.

I read a while back that Novella Carpenter, of Farm City writing-ness, decided to take summer off from gardening, and only grow winter crops for a break from the frenzy (and water bills) of it all.  I’m obviously already deep into my summer garden, but this winter, I’m going to focus on my soil.  Lots of my favorite garden bloggers are already talking about getting their winter seed starts going, and that made me feel a bit panicky and overwhelmed, and looking at my parched dirt gave me the official idea to call it off for this winter.

Minimal garden, only.

Today, I amended two beds with some bags of chicken manure I had sitting around, along with several sackfulls of the nice, composty soil that Westerman removed from all of those planters above.  I’ll plant a few things for the winter, probably some kale, but other than that, I’m just going to focus on putting the goodness back in my soil for next season.  I’ll probably be growing a lot of fava bean cover crops, and actually tilling them under before they seed this time (especially since I have about a gazillion fava seeds from this spring’s plants).

I also fixed up my compost pile today (I did take photos, but they are in my camera, and my camera is WAY over there…), so hopefully by spring I’ll also have plenty of my own compost to add into my beds.  If not, I’ll definitely be adding as much compost as possible to get things off to a healthier start.

Minimal veggie garden, I realized, would also go hand-in-hand with a little potential real estate dream I have happening right now.  There are literally zero details to report, but if you have a moment to send some really good real-estate vibes my way, I’d quite appreciate it.

Anywho, other than that, I feel like there are all kinds of things I keep meaning to write about, but then, well, the laziness.


*I have a new steam mop and dustbuster-type thing, and my LIFE HAS CHANGED!!  I will report on the amazing.

* I am FINALLY drinking my own, home-brewed kombucha (right this minute, actually), which has taken me since March to figure out. (No, mom, the kombucha did not give me the food poisoning.  I had not been drinking it pre-barf.  (I know she’ll ask.  And accuse.))

*I washed my filthy dogs, and it was highly amusing.

That’s what I’ve got.  I am telling myself that once I get back into the swing of things at work, I’ll be more productive all around in my life.  The busier I am, the more I tend to get done, and the less I have to do, the lazier I get, so I have high hopes for myself in the next week or so.  :)

Yay!  Oh, and again, good real estate vibes, por favor!!



2 Responses to Some Updates

  1. Katie says:

    Making your own kombucha saves a ton of cash, doesn’t it?! And I loved your comment about the glorious thing about living in Northern California…is living here. Spot on.

    I haven’t planted my winter garden yet. The Placer County Master Gardener folks say to not do it until next month. What say ye your MGs?

    • Kara Kara says:

      Ooh, I haven’t checked at all to hear what the Sonoma County MG’s have to say, brilliant! I’m totally going to investigate.

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