Thoughts on Running


* I ran the Kenwood Footrace 10K yesterday.  According to their propaganda, it is the oldest 10K in California.  It is also appears to be the hilliest damn 10K in the world, and it seemed like we ran uphill the ENTIRE time. Which I don’t understand, because it was a loop, but oh MY, the hills!  It was pretty amazingly beautiful, though– oak trees and vineyards and farms.

* I ran the majority of the race on pace with a blind runner.  He was wearing a vest that identified him as such, and he was running with an aide.  The two of them were connected by holding a short length of, well, a leash for lack of a better term.  It was kind of like they were holding hands, but with some give so that they could both move their arms.  Often, as people passed him, they’d shout out: “Nice job, man” or other compliments.  I wanted to yell back: “What about me!?  I’m running just as fast as he is!” but this seemed inappropriate.  His running aide was a bit tough.  As we slogged up the hills, at one point he wanted to walk, and she told him no.  “Just run slowly.” It made me glad I was not attached to her with a leash, because I was definitely walking up a lot of those damn hills.  At one point, we turned a corner and a big ole steep hill suddenly appeared, and I thought: “Oh, brother.  You are SO GLAD right now that you can’t see what is ahead….”

* After the race, my friend and I asked someone to take a photo of us.  I assumed that everyone knows how to operate the iphone camera.  See photo above for proof of the opposite.

* Training for the half marathon continues.  It takes a lot of time.  Partially because I am so slow and we are now running longer distances, and partially because it is so many days out of the week– I ride three days a week, and am supposed to run the other four.  I usually only manage three of the four runs, skipping the short Friday runs, but, DUDE, six or seven days of the week is a lot of days to exercise.  Especially for me who prefers to exercise zero days out of the week.

* Speaking of exercising 7 days a week, you’d think that would make one all fit and such, but I am actually gaining weight.  Not gaining muscle, although that is probably happening, too, but I’m gaining a gut.  Running makes me STARVING ALL THE TIME and I eat like a crazy person. Quite counterintuitive that all that exercise is making me fat.

* I ordered a Road ID.


The Road ID is that little purple bracelet and it has an ID tag on the inside of my wrist identifying me, my city, three emergency contacts, and a bit of medical information.  Hopefully, it will never, ever be required, but if I ever trip over my own feet and conk my head, whoever finds me can get me to the right hospital.

* Road ID has amusing packaging:


* As the miles get longer, it is becoming harder to find an interesting place to run.  Seven miles can take you pretty far, and since my main goals are to avoid hills, keep myself entertained, and avoid the larger homeless encampments, this can be a bit difficult.

* On a final, non-running-related note, I returned home from the 10K yesterday to discover this blocking the road two houses down from me:


That dude’s shopping cart of craziness had toppled, spilling his belongings all over the road.  Several hours later, I saw that he had managed to get it all out of the street, but had only relocated to the parking lot a few blocks away.  Good times.

3 Responses to Thoughts on Running

  1. jen says:

    GOL! Girl, you make me laugh re: everything. Congrats on the 10k, you are awesome! I can run about 10 yds and then I’m done.

    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Jessica says:

    Chris and were working on sign ideas for your race in August. Our favorites so far are as follows:

    1) 13.1 miles (because you’re only HALF crazy)
    2) This is long and hard (that’s what she said)

    Oh and I’m getting a cowbell for Vineman—so you know that baby will make it out for your race too! Just keep running!

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