I have been all kinds of busy over the past several weeks (guess who ran a half marathon!?), but last weekend things finally started to settle down, and I looked around at my filthy house and decided that for the sake of feng shui and my sanity, things needed to change.

First, the lamps.  I was driving to the hardware store to get a hose splitter so that I could run a soaker hose to the hydrangeas in my front yard , and on my way I happened across a new-to-me thrift store.


I loved these armchairs… they needed to be recovered, but I thought about them for a solid week until I finally went back yesterday to check them out again and they were gone.  Sadness! Then I found a big ole brass lamp.

I looked a little closer, and sure enough, it was a Stiffel.

This marks my second thrift store Stiffel find.

I didn’t have a huge need for one big lamp, but as I kept poking around the store, I found its shadeless twin.  A matching set!   I poked around a bit further and found that the shade for the twin was actually attached to a different lamp.  Matching Stiffel lamps with original shades?   Can’t turn that down.  Oh, and then?  When I brought them up to the counter to pay, the lady told me that one of them was half off.  So do you know how much I paid for these babies?


A grand total of fourteen dollars.  TOTAL.  And they are basically in mint condition.

Okay, so, back to the rearranging.

I moved a ton of storage boxes to behind the couch, pretended it was a table, and tossed the new lamps on it.


Then I removed the forever wonky shelves from the wall, and replaced it with a random assortment of framed things, and added a big fern to distract you from the fact that that corner is still piled with bins of emergency supplies.


The wall with the window has the treadmill.  Pretend you don’t see it.



The yoga wall got a bit of tidying, but still also contains two big boxes of dishes that I’m not sure what to do with. Pretend you don’t see those, either.


The last wall of the room is still the junk containment area.  Cat supplies, horse supplies, assorted miscellany that isn’t pretty, but that I need regular access to.


But if you don’t look under the table, it looks a bit nicer.

Things are feeling much calmer in there now, and I definitely feel like I can breathe without being crushed by storage boxes.  Big things are still coming for this room, and if everything works out, the ball should start really rolling in a month or two!


3 Responses to Rearranging

  1. Erika says:

    I spy Black Beauty, Misty, AND Stormy! Excellent choices.

    • Kara Kara says:

      Bahahaa! YES! I have all of my Bryer Horses from when I was little, but I thought sticking with the literature-based horses would make for much more grown-up decor, right?? :)

  2. Jessica says:

    Looks great! Can you redo our house for us? I think I need to get rid of piles of crap and clothes and stuff. Found a box filled with old VHS tapes and video games from 1995. (Not mine).

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