Dog Days, Dog Nights


(I know, the title is about dogs, and this is a photo of a cat.  But Gus is still under the impression that he is a large dog, so who am I to tell him otherwise?)

Last night around 10 PM, I was watching a particularly enthralling episode of “What Not to Wear” when someone knocked on my door.  I’ve finally learned not to open the door at night (who am I kidding, sometimes I don’t open the door in the middle of the day, even if I’m sitting at my kitchen table in full view of the person knocking), but it did freak me out a little bit.  It was not a neighborly knock, plus none of my neighbors would pound on my door at 10 PM without some kind of other indicator that it was them.  Like calling to me through the door.  Like one of my neighbors who will occasionally bring by extras from his garden and yell: “Don’t open the door!  I know the dogs will get out!” because he has witnessed this first-hand, more than once.

Anyway, the dogs went absolutely full-force nuts.  I didn’t want to get up to look through the peep-hole in the door because I knew my shadow would be visible to the person on the other side, so I just sat quietly for a minute, clutching the phone while the dogs did what they do.

Rusty, bless his crazy heart, managed to wiggle himself behind a table and under the curtains to look directly out the window at whoever might be there.  This was great news, because Rusty looks, well, a little bit pit-bully, and was in full hackles-raised scary-protect mode.  Plus, his bark is a lot less scary than Casey-Dog’s bark, so if you saw this dog, and heard an even deeper, louder, crazier bark coming from a dog you could not see, well, basically you’d go away.


A little bit pitty, right?

After a few minutes, I crept to the front door to peek out the peep-hole, and the coast was clear.  The dogs calmed down after a little while, and once again, I took a moment to forgive them of all of their badnesses, and be thankful that they are as crazy as they are.


Crazy- dogs who steal and eat plums.

Speaking of crazy, here are several dog updates that I kept meaning to post (for myself, really, I know nobody cares about Rusty’s new collar but me).

One morning I woke up to this:


That’s Rusty’s collar, chewed into pieces.  Oops.  I had been meaning to get him a prettier collar anyway, so I went to the fancy pet store, and everybody got new collars.  I mean, everybody except the chickens.  Because chickens don’t wear collars.



Peacock feathers for Casey.


Black leather with a name tag for Gus.

And for Rusty…..


…um, are those marijuana leaves!?!?


It is supposed to be bamboo, I think, but after I got it home I realized it looked a bit suspicious.  Oh, well.  Color–wise, it is a very nice looking collar!  And check out that fancy extra-jumbo thickness!

The dogs also got some new treats.

This pig, from the company Mighty Dog Toys that claimed to be super tough.  Here is how that went.


Casey got the pig.  Then I pulled the tags off of another new toy for Rusty (this Kong toy)…


… and by the time I turned around, there was this happening:


Less than five minutes.  For reals.

Terrible product.

For stuffed things, the Go Dog dragons are the best.  They do come apart eventually, but it takes some hours of dedicated chewing and two-dog tug-o-war for that to happen.  Then, once they do break, my dogs are still obsessed with the parts.  The favorite toys are still a stray wing or tail that they carry around endlessly.

The Tuffy brand is the second favorite for stuffed things… they do get destroyed, but strangely, the remaining black trim that binds the things together remains a very popular (and completely indestructible) toy for my ridiculous animals.

Anything from Nylabone remains the all-time winner, they last forever, take some seriously abusive chewing, and the dogs are obsessed with them (but not so obsessed that I need to take them away, as has happened with some chew-bone-things.)

On the topic of spending all of my dollars on these dogs, it was time to replace the dog house.


Classy, right?

The good news is that this thing actually held up pretty well.  I originally got it for my old dog about seven or eight (!) years ago, I think, but she refused to use it.  It had been disassembled and reassembled several times, and has taken heavy abuse from my dogs for three years now.  I ordered a new one from Amazon, and after attaching the walls backwards three times in a row, finally managed to assemble it.


Much better!  The dogs came to inspect:

20130915-083409.jpg 20130915-083358.jpg 20130915-083348.jpg 20130915-083336.jpg 20130915-083321.jpg

And quickly approved.

3 Responses to Dog Days, Dog Nights

  1. Katie says:

    Good call on not answering the door. I never answer my door unless I’m expecting someone, it’s one of my personal rules. And the fact you have 2 dogs definitely makes you safer. If it was someone up to no good, I bet they left the second they heard the dogs go nuts.

    I have yet to meet an indestructible dog toy! Good recommendations here, thanks.

  2. Melissa says:

    Where in the ghetto are you? Could you see all the helicopter searching that was going on? That going right over my house made me run around the house and lock all the windows and double checked the doors.

    We’ve got a new puppy who, until two days ago, hadn’t destroyed anything, even the cheap stuffed toys from the goodwill. She decided to have her inaugural destroying event be my knitting project. She chewed the needle until shreds and pulled apart all the stitches.

  3. Jessica says:

    Dude–your mom is FREAKING OUT reading this right now! I hate opening the door. Being alone this week I have gone back to my old ways of sleeping with the lights on and propping chairs in front of doors and putting dowels in the windows and sliders. One can never be too paranoid. Maybe a taser would be a helpful tool for your house?

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