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When a blog I follow stops posting for a while, I’m so curious.  Did something happen?  Something scandalous?  In my case, no interesting reason.  Things just get busy, although not really any busier than usual.  I thought about posting relatively often, but didn’t have the mental energy to write words.  What can you do?  However, I’ve had five glorious days off of work thanks to Thanksgiving, and I feel like my brain is coming back to life.

While I have a backlog of stories (trip to Marietta, bees died, AGAIN…) today will be the story of why all of the furniture I own is crammed into the front of my house, and why I kind of love it.


Above:  all of the bookcases, all of the framed things, all on one wall.

Since I moved in to my house I’ve been contemplating a construction project.  For over a year, I’ve been seriously contemplating, like meeting-with-contractors serious.  And since July, I’ve been doing the paperwork to get it started– I applied for building permits in July— IN JULY– and things finally seem close enough to reality that I started clearing out furniture from the potential construction zone.  This means that my back room, where I previously hoarded all things miscellaneous, is now empty, with its miscellaney displaced into the kitchen and living room.

So I end up with things like the wall above, which, while haphazard and mismatched and created using absolutely no planning other than “Lets fit everything onto this wall right now” — is kind of my favorite.  The crazy wall is not a permanent solution (three mismatched bookcases, and frames that overlap light switches) but it definitely makes the wall feel more grounded and dramatic, and basically I’m a fan.

Here we have the sushi restaurant screens:


Behind the screens are sky-high (technically screen-high) stacks of rubbermaid storage bins.  Oh, because did I also mention that I had to empty out my entire garage?  The screens are not permanent either, but my living room is long and narrow, and the great thing this does is push the couch about five or six feet forward in the room, which makes things much more cozy and less strange feng-shui-wise.

Finally, my serious favorite of the empty room side effects:


I have a couch in my kitchen.

It is the most glorious spot in the house, and in fact I am sitting there as I type.  With the back door (behind Rusty) open, you get some sun, and I can still spy on all of the neighborhood shenanigans through the kitchen window.  The kitchen table is shoved next to the fridge, and overlapping into the living room area behind the bookcases, but, strangely, it kinda works!  I’m not sure that kitchen-couch is a viable long-term solution, but in the meantime, it is a total thumbs-up.

So there we have it.  As another side effect to room-emptying, I re-started my etsy shop, and discounted everything by 35%–let’s empty a few storage bins!  Do you need Christmas gifts?  Go check it out!

5 Responses to Kitchen Couch

  1. jen says:

    couch in the kitchen, here’s some validation:

  2. Jessica says:

    YAY permits! That’s great news! I love the kitchen couch. We flipped the living room and dining area one year and it was great and snuggly. Our kitchen is too small for a couch and Chris might have me committed if he comes home and has to Jack Bauer roll over the couch to get through the house.

    Quick question: Where are your piles of stuff? We have piles of things everywhere. Do you just have a lot of drawers? Is everything cluttery in the bins? How do you find what you’re looking for if it’s not just there on the counter in a monster pile???

  3. Rumble Kitty says:

    Glad you are all right! Sorry the bees aren’t! I figured you just got tired of blogging. Other bloggers that I read sometimes complain about the difficulty of coming up with topics and writing them down.

    How are the chickens? My oldest hen died, but I had recently introduced two pullets that I raised from chicks. I’ll have eggs again someday!

  4. Couch in the kitchen.
    If I was going to say anything else in this comment… it’s gone!
    Because couch in the kitchen.
    You win.
    Everything, henceforth, will be excellent.

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