In early November I cleared out the contents of my garage (for the same reason I have a couch in my kitchen).  As I stacked a few boxes of Christmas decorations into the very back-est, bottom-est corner of the shed*, I paused and asked myself: “Are you going to regret this decision when you have to pull everything out to get at these in December?” and the answer was- “Eh.  I’ll deal with that later.”

Things are a bit crammed in my living room anyway right now, so getting a tree felt overwhelming.  Instead, one day I marched out to my yard, pulled a tomato cage out of a pile, shook off the dirt, and strung it with a few strings of lights.  For decorations, I attached Christmas cards with clothespins.

I kind of love it.

Even when I go back to a regular tree, I think I’ll keep this idea for holiday card display purposes.

And now, on to the festivities!


*I need to remember to write the story of how the shed came to be in my backyard.  As per usual, it involves ridiculosity. 

2 Responses to Merry

  1. Melissa says:

    I LOVE IT! Probably works better as a card holder than for tomatoes…..

    • Kara Kara says:

      Seriously! I use tomato cages on all sorts of plants for dog and chicken protection, so they are very useful for that as well! :)

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