Construction Week Four

Right?  Is it week four?  I believe this is the end of week four.  I should take better notes.


A few pics of the recently departed Liesel were in this last download.  This is about a week before her untimely end.  I guess she wasn’t as little as I thought, she seems quite fluffy here exploring the construction rubble!  (No, she didn’t eat any nails.  I watched them carefully.)


After the dramatic glory that was the destruction of the old garage, the next few weeks were rather anticlimactic.  The guys built the frames for the foundation, spent a LOT of days setting in all of the rebar that goes inside.  Item of note– I was aware that they put rebar inside concrete, but never thought about how they’d set it up so that it stayed in the middle of whatever they were pouring!  Lesson learned– it is all wired and tied in place before the foundation is poured, and that process was pretty detailed and took a lot of days.


The precision of all of it!  Precision makes me feel so tired.

After everything was set up, the concrete was poured!


weekfour6 weekfour5

And then it promptly rained for a solid week and a half.

At the end of last week, they popped off the forms, and added wood to the top of the foundation, so here is where we are now:

weekfour8 weekfour10

There will be a second garage door here in the back for yard access.


The guys also dug up a few more bottles– this one is JR Watkins.

Next week is scheduled to be all sunny, all the time, so I’m excited to see what they do.

In conclusion, here is the last photo taken of Liesel, two days before she died:


To Liesel!



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  1. azar says:

    awww. a) I’m very sad about Liesel even though I was too scared of her to hold her and b) I cannot wait to see the new house! When is it all supposed to be done?

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