Weeks 7 & 8


Photos straight out of the camera and in the order they happened, beginning with new fish for my stock tank “pond.”  All of which, obviously, are named Norman thanks to Westerman, who is too lazy to update his blog anymore.

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I think my amazing door is this one.  There are little slidey things on the side of each pane that raise, lower, and tilt the blinds between the glass panels.  I love it so.


Peony before the rain came.

seveneight10 seveneight11 seveneight12

Earlier this week, there was a boatload of rain.  We’re not allowed to complain about the rain because of the drought situation, but I will just point out that the tarps didn’t necessarily keep all of the rain out of the house.  Did I mention that there is no roof in that corner?  Yeah, no roof.

The first part of week eight poured rain, and there were some shenanigans with the permit to deal with, so things moved relatively slowly.  But on Friday, I came home to the first wall up on the second floor, and Saturday I came home to four walls!!  The new construction is making my house look very tiny!

seveneight13 seveneight14

The second floor is required to be set back ten feet from the property line, which is kind of a bummer, but will make it a very cozy little space.  Unfortunately, the setback area can’t be used for a deck, either (deck counts as living space.) A deck along there would have been lovely.  Instead, it will just be roof.

seveneight15 seveneight16

The peonies peaked during the rain!  They are a bit bedraggled now, but this little plant just gets more amazing every year.  My secret?  Neglect.  There are something like fourteen blooms on that sucker.


And this peony came back from the dead and bloomed for the first time!


Stock tank pond with new goldfish and a few new plants.


The mini-lilacs also reached their peak bloom some time last week (during the rain).  Man, I love these plants!  The big lilacs still haven’t bloomed, but one does have a few, tiny buds.


The chickens are happy about the beautiful weather.  They are also happy about peeking in the windows and sneaking into the neighbor’s driveway every now and then.


My back room is filled with air compressors, nail guns, and boxes of nails.  Construction is very glamorous.

In other news, weather has been so strange.  All of the rain finally brought some snow to Tahoe, and rumor has it conditions are great up there.  I’m hoping it will last at least another week so I can take one last trip up this year (and hopefully not end the day avoiding mud on the slopes like the last few times…).  It is predicted to be 85 degrees on Tuesday, and I will have a good laugh about the glory of California if I am sweltering in the 85 degree weather on Tuesday, and snowboarding this weekend!


3 Responses to Weeks 7 & 8

  1. Katie says:

    Looks great! What are you going to use that second floor for? Bedroom?

  2. Camille says:

    Wow!! Things are really coming along. Great to see progress. Glad for you that the rain has stopped. I’m feeling very jealous of your peonies and lilacs, btw. :)


  3. Jessica says:

    “My secret? Neglect.” Hahahahahah looking great!

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