Week Nine


Things have been busy.  My work responsibilities have ramped up, we had a major two-day event last week, with another big event coming next week, and then non-stop craziness for the next month or two.  After the big event and the adrenaline started to leave my system, I crashed.  I was sort of judging myself for laziness on Saturday (which I spent basically glued to the couch), and then I figured I actually have a fair excuse for being tired– there is the work crazy, plus the house construction!  And while construction hasn’t been as disruptive as it could be, because I had to clear everything out of my garage and back room, things are cramped up in here, and I am starting to grow weary of weaving my way through furniture to get to the kitchen sink.  It feels a little bit hoarders in here (SO MANY CHAIRS IN THE LIVING ROOM), but it is only short term, and when I can move back into the back room and garage, OMG, the happiness.

So, construction report!

The overall recap– the old garage (which was right behind the house, blocking all view of yard) was torn down, and the new garage is being built in the driveway.  On top, a little one bedroom apartment!  It looks giant from the backyard, but tiny from the front of the house.  The best part is, I am actually gaining a ton of backyard space– the old garage was basically in the middle of the backyard, but the new garage is only in the space that was driveway.  There will be some stairs going up to the second floor, and that’s the only yard space that will be lost.

Construction myths:

I really thought that I’d feel pressured from having strangers in and out of my house to keep things really tidy.  Nope.  I have been keeping my kitchen in the messiest state ever (see: work is busy), and I just don’t even care.  I have a feeling the construction guys don’t care either, but I still feel slight shame over it.

I also expected the work to be more intrusive to my living space, but I basically just gave up a back room, and called it good.  Admittedly, very little work is being done to the existing house (in phase one, anyway!!), but it is nice that it isn’t very disruptive aside from the furniture hoarding situation.

Building progress:

This week we got interior walls, and they are starting to close up the outside walls.  I also have a roof again instead of just tarps!  Hurrah!


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4 Responses to Week Nine

  1. Dawn says:

    Love reading about your adventures and house remodel!

  2. azar says:

    SOOOO exciting, Kara!!
    Why was the neighbor’s van on your front lawn?

    • Kara Kara says:

      Their cars needed to be moved out of the driveway to get the crane in there, and we ran out of street parking. So, park on the lawn!! :)

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