Week 11


I have a new roof!  My existing house got a new roof to match the new addition, which is great news because my roof was a wreck and leaked in the bathroom every time it rained.  Leak no more!  Plus, it is beautiful.  The roofers took out all of the random, unused crap that was up there (strange satellite-dish looking thing), and I think they even painted all of the metal vents and what have you that were up there to match the new roof.  Basically, it looks great.



After old roof had been removed, but before shingles.

Oh, and we have a solid wall!  Plus a window!  My little laundry area will be right there.  HALLELUJAH!



Inside the garage:



This will be the walkway and new gate to the backyard:


The front.


The yard is not hugely accessible.  Part of the yard is piled up with construction materials, but the interesting issue is that I actually GAINED a lot of backyard with this project (because old garage was just plopped down in the middle of it, along with the old foundation “patio”… and that all remains a giant dirt pit.  I’m looking forward to turning it into usable garden space as construction ends.


In other exciting news, I have picked paint colors!  Originally, I was thinking a nice, mushroomey-taupey-fawney grey-beige, with some classic trim and a bright colored door.  But then I stumbled across this pin:



I sent it to my project manager/designer, and he clearly was not impressed.  He told me to go online and look at paint colors, and send him some links to what I liked.  So I went online and found about ten more navy houses, and several more coral doors.  He relented, agreed that with some landscaping changes to make things slightly more coastal, it would look nice.  And then he painted some swatches on my existing wall:


He texted me the photo above, and I responded that I 100% wanted the coral at the top, not the reddish shade at the bottom.  His reply? “I knew you’d pick the goddamn pink.”  It is now referred to as “the goddamn lady pink” but he admitted that even the color specialist lady at the paint store thought it looked awesome.

I’m planning to have the garage door painted Goddamn Lady Pink, too.  It might look slightly crazy, and if it does, I’ll just repaint it navy.  But I have to say, when I found that color combo, I was stupidly excited.  You can go ahead and hate it, and tell me dark colors will need to be repainted more often, or that this combo is trendy and going to look dated in a few years, and I will let you know that MY MIND WILL NOT BE CHANGED on this one.  Plus, it is only paint!  I can always have it repainted if I get sick of it.

This project is getting more exciting as it goes on.  Because it took over a year of planning (plus multiple years of saving) to make it happen, I still can’t believe that I’m basically having a new house built from scratch in my backyard.

5 Responses to Week 11

  1. jen says:

    I remember seeing this color combo on your Pinterest and loving it right away. And yes, it’s just paint! When my house gets painted eventually I think it will be black. I’m sure many will have an opinion about it but who cares. Paint your house whatever color you want!

    Excitement pour vous!

  2. Camille says:

    Oh my gosh, Kara. That paint is going to look AMAZING!! I couldn’t agree more with your choice. Including the coral door.

  3. Melissa says:

    I love the god-damn-lady pink!!! My house is a hideous peachy/ 1000-island dressing but I’m going to paint it gray- still working on finding the right shade! The door will be red!

  4. Julie says:

    Love the bold color choices!! Beautiful and creative! Am enjoying reading your posts, too. You have a charming style of writing and I have laughed pretty good a couple of times. Thanks!

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