Week Fourteen



In thrilling news— I had to go pick out appliances for the apartment (which was kind of like torture because they were so expensive and I won’t even get to use them), but I also got to pick out MY NEW WASHER AND DRYER!!!!

It was love at first sight.


Now I just need a garage floor, electrical and water hookups, and then these babies are ALL MINE!!

4 Responses to Week Fourteen

  1. Camille says:

    Woo hoo! I picture you washing every scrap of material in the house, just because you can.

    Also, that paint color is GORGEOUS!

  2. lsaspacey says:

    I find it amusing that the short original house has horizontal cladding and the two-story structure went with vertical. Looking great! Will the original house get a matching paint job too?

    • Kara Kara says:

      I went with horizontal on the front of the addition, but the back and sides have vertical because it is a plywood fake-siding thing, and much cheaper! Now that they’re all painted, it definitely blends better. (Good eye! Definitely a sewing thing! ;) )

  3. Jessica says:

    Looking great. Yay laundry! Wash all the things! Looks like they are big–good! Our space was so small that we had to get the baby washer dryer (also Maytag) and those b!%&hes are way too small. Takes me THREE loads just to do our sheets and comforter. Sort of insane, but still just thankful to have laundry inside the house and not need quarters.

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